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My career as a master wood artisan spans 35 years. I've spent most of my life residing by the sea, and my aesthetic is informed by nature and found objects. I have extensive knowledge and experience with both common and rare wood. I work with an array of clients to create original, meaningful pieces that transform their homes into art spaces. My custom tables  combine my unique design sensibility with functional practicality, and have been commissioned by several prominent architects and designers in the Hamptons.  I also design and produce custom cabinets, armoires, and vanities, using hand tools for all detail work, planing, carving, inlays and joinery.

I live and work in East Hampton, NY.  I'm an avid surfer, golfer, and a fifth-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, WJKA, a traditional Japanese martial art. My background is in the fine arts. My mentors, artists Hans Hokanson, and George T. Griffin, encouraged me to explore the tactile energies of wood. I work with each client, symbiotically, to create a unique expression in wood. 

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